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4 Special Offers to Make When Selling Your Home  4 Special Offers to Make When Selling Your Home

4 Special Offers to Make When Selling Your Home

Written By: Carol Evenson
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Warranty on the Home

Buyers are usually focused on getting a great deal on a beautiful home that meets all of their needs, but they also want to purchase a property that is in excellent condition. Savvy buyers understand that damage may lurk underneath the surface. They may order a property inspection to identify issues that they need to know about. A home warranty is a >

A Decorating Allowance

Some sellers will replace flooring, repaint the walls and even deck the kitchen out with new appliances before listing their home for sale. Their goal is to make their home look irresistible to a buyer. This is not necessarily a sunk cost because many improvements may result in increased property value that can be recouped through the sale. However, you may not have the time or money necessary to update your home, but you may be getting a substantial financial return from the sale. When you offer a decorating allowance to a buyer, you can address the propertyrsquo;s cosmetic concerns without creating unnecessary financial strain on yourself.

Major Appliances

The dishwasher and range generally are conveyed to a buyer through the real estate purchase, but other appliances are not included. Some buyers may not want to purchase a new fridge, washing machine, dryer or microwave as soon as they move in. They also may not have their own appliances that they are planning to bring with them. Offering to convey major appliances through they sale could benefit some buyers. However, other buyers may have their own appliances that they need or want to move into the home with them. Therefore, this type of special offer should be optional.

Property-Specific Items

There may be several features in your home that are true selling points for a buyer, but these may not be features that are typically conveyed during a real estate transaction. For example, you may have an elaborate playground and trampoline in the backyard, a large barbecue pit, an above-ground hot tub, a sauna or other similar items that buyers may be thrilled to have. Offering these items with the home may be more convenient for you if you do not have a place for them in your new home, and it may give buyers the feeling of getting an amazing deal with a special bonus. Keep in mind that not every buyer may want or need these types of items. Therefore, be prepared for a buyer to potentially negotiate for you to haul these items away.

You can see that some special offers can benefit the buyer and the seller in different ways, but they are not always advantageous. As is the case with most other aspects of a real estate transaction, be prepared to be flexible and accommodating when it is reasonable to do so. The goal is to establish terms that are beneficial to both parties.

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