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Hot Wallpaper Trends to Transform Your Space  Hot Wallpaper Trends to Transform Your Space

Hot Wallpaper Trends to Transform Your Space

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Tuesday, October 08, 2019

ldquo;Wallpaper is one of those things that fell out of the zeitgeistmdash;hard,rdquo; said >

Todayrsquo;s wallpaper is a world away from the stuff people went running from decades ago. The ldquo;revival,rdquo; as >

Wersquo;re taking a look at a few of the biggest trends.

Go deepnbsp;

Wallpaper trends this year have embraced deep, rich hues including ldquo;navy blue shades, burnt red, mustard yellow, and forest green,rdquo; said Prime Walls. ldquo;Colors can affect the mood of the space, and dark color tones are no exception. Lighter colors tend to create a welcoming, optimistic aesthetic. Darker colors create a cozy atmosphere and depending on the chosen color, can range from romantic to mysterious.rdquo;

Bring in some texture

Yes, deep, rich color can transform a space, giving it moody appeal and allowing deacute;cor to stand out. But therersquo;s something satisfying about a subtler approach, said House Beautiful. ldquo;Translation: Beige does not have to be boring. That is, so long as there is real or perceived texture, interactions with light, or even a two-dimensional design. That means using textures like grass cloth and faux suede, ldquo;which are particularly well-suited for the color-averse. These will bring depth a space without insisting upon the spotlight.rdquo;

Manage metallic

You can bring in metal in all kinds of areas in your housemdash;lighting is the obvious choice for a glam touch. But going metallic on such a large expanse is boldmdash;just like the patterns the golden, silvery, or coppery colors adorn. This gold and blue wallcovering is a standout, ready to transform a dining room or create a haven in the bedroom. We also love this contemporary, art deco-inspired gold geometric wallpaper from Home Depot that ldquo;gives walls the appearance of a glistening mountain scape.rdquo;

Go graphic

ldquo;Create a feature out of a recessed wall with graphic wallpaper,rdquo; said Deacute;cor Aid. ldquo;This is a great way to craft a warm and inviting nook; perfect for a kidrsquo;s bedroom, a reading area, or a grand master suite. An area like this doesnrsquo;t need to be filled with busy and bold wallpaper, it can be simplistic, while still giving you the desired effect of a well-decorated, cozy space.rdquo;

We love this Pick-Up Sticks Wallpaper from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, which is not only chic and subtle, but also easily removablenbsp;

Embrace the palm

"Whether embroidered on a pillow, perched askew in a vase, or replicated on wallpaper, palm imagery is a major trend right now,rdquo; said Elle Decor. ldquo;The look is lush, natural, warm, and most importantly, versatile. With palms, your surrounding design can be opulent and raised to the heavens or more down to earth, an organic oasis."

You cant go wrong with House of Hackneys Palmeral print, which references 1930s Palm Springs with its ldquo;explosion of palm leavesrdquo; and chic black and green color story.nbsp;

Just do you

The great thing about wallpaper is how it can make a space come alive and speak to your individual taste and >


Think kitschy


Wallpaper also offers an opportunity to have a little fun. This Hipsters Paradise print from Y.S.D. London print ldquo;takes you on a jaunty trip into the most happening streetmdash;care to suit up and join in with the best dressed in all the city?rdquo;


Want a daring, fun look without the commitment? This Drop It MODERN Femmecopy; Wallpaper from West Elm gives off a Picasso-ish vibe and is removable, for when the whim passes and its time to go in a different direction.nbsp;


Add interestnbsp;


Buyers love new construction for so many reasons, but brand-new spaces can sometimes lack character. ldquo;This brand-new townhouse at Pierhouse, Brooklyn was a gorgeous space, but was crying out for some personalization to reflect our clients vivid, sophisticated and lively design aesthetic,rdquo; said threshold interiors on Houzz. ldquo;Bold patterns and colors were our friends in this fun and eclectic project.rdquo;nbsp;


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