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How Google Chrome Plugins Have Become the New Best Friends of Realtors  How Google Chrome Plugins Have Become the New Best Friends of Realtors

How Google Chrome Plugins Have Become the New Best Friends of Realtors

Written By: Fernando Nunes
Friday, October 1, 2021

Make no mistake, real estate is a cut-throat industry, arguably one of the most competitive out there. If you dont act on your opportunities, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone else will. Connecting with prospects is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks for any successful realtor, seizing on opportunities to scratch the backs of both buyers and sellers.

What if we were to tell you that theres an easier way to improve your productivity and operational efficiency as a realtor,nbsp;andnbsp;ba>

Efficiently handling emails

This is one of the biggest bugbears in real estate. Unorganized email inboxes can be the difference between closing or losing a sale. Its not worth losing track of email conversations with prospects. Businesses that operate with Gmail accounts are increasingly looking at integrated plugins and extensions within Google Chrome that simplify email communications between real estate teams. A plugin called Hive is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to segment emails into shared mailboxes but manage them from individuals personal inboxes. Specific email threads can also be assigned to colleagues and internal communications can also be attributed to email threads without the need for email forwarding, CCs or BCCs to confuse matters.

Staying up to date with feeds

In the real estate industry, keeping up-to-date with industry trends and developments is vital for any realtor. Whether its policy changes or government announcements, its vital that you are kept abreast of these situations. Google Chrome has accepted plugins such as Feedly that allow realtors to select the kind of content they need to consume on a daily basis. With bespoke curated news feeds, its possible to get >

Support for B2B lead generation

Realtors looking to improve their teams and recruit proven sales talent often struggle when it comes to headhunting. Many people find themselves at something of a dead-end when it comes to getting contact details for prospective leads. When it comes to establishing quick and genuine connections with potential candidates, its important that you can not only provide your own contact details but access other B2B contacts at the touch of a button. Plugins like the Lusha for LinkedIn extension simplify the process, with enriched and verified B2B profiles, compatible with LinkedIn accounts that so many real estate professionals use for finding work and building contacts.

Automating signatures

Another major bugbear for realtors that can decelerate the process of sale completions is signatures. All too often, real estate teams have to scramble to download PDF documents, email them to clients, ask them to sign them and either rescan or mail them back to their offices. Its not only a time-drain but a data protection risk too. The Google Chrome DocuSign plugin makes it possible for individuals to electronically sign documents, allowing realtors to collect all the signatures they need in a quick and secure manner. The extension fires out reminders to those who are yet to sign their documentation and notifies realtors when a document has been digitally signed and is ready to go.

Getting accounting assistance

As any real estate business will testify, its not easy to keep track of expenses, particularly when it comes to monitoring cash flow and filing year-end accounts. As real estate agents spend a lot of time out on the road, its becoming increasingly common for expenses to rack up. Whether its food, fuel or accommodation, managing these expenses and keeping on top of them isnt easy when there are deals to be completed looming in the background. The Fyle Chrome extension is another handy piece of kit that makes it possible to capture expense data directly within email confirmations in Gmail. Lets say for example that a hotel room had been booked. Fyle would capture the hotel name, resort fees and store it in the background, ready for when you need to generate monthly or annual expense reports.

There are so many Chrome plugins that could benefit your real estate agencys productivity. Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers out there, capable of enhancing your social media marketing and communications at the touch of a button.

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